Iconic Local Memorabilia Decorate the Walls and Halls of
Past Time Antiques and Flea Market - a Unique Kansas Shopping Destination.

Visitors and locals alike are impressed with the amazing variety of antiques and collectibles ranging from Early Primatives to Rare Advertising Pieces, Collectible Toys, Quality Vinyl Records, Classic Furniture, Rare Coins and countless items available for sale among rows and rows of booths inside Past Time Antiques and Flea Market.

With thousands of hidden treasures on display, there is something for almost everyone's style or taste. Past Time Antiques & Flea Market is the place to re-live old memories or find the "one-of-a-kind" piece you thought you would never see again!

With so many visitors and shoppers, it's easy to understand why Past Time Antiques and Flea Market has a "waiting list" of vendors looking to feature their unique items.

Jodi E.

"This is the best flea market in the area! It has a great mixture of vintage and today's favorite finds! They are friendly and I love how the people who work there know what's in stock and will help you find what you're looking for"



Monday - Sunday

10am - 6pm

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4030 Parkview Dr | Frontenac, KS 66763